A Season Finale

Hello, dear reader, and welcome to this epic finale of my one-season show “International Dating Challenges.” Yes, you got it right, the show is over (it will go on outside of this blog) and this is the last episode of it.

When it is the end, you might want to remember the beginning. If you have seen this music video, you probably can imagine how right now we will go back to the start.

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Is Bulgaria a Country?

And I am back with yet another fabulous post about cross-culture dating.

The journey is coming to an end.. Just a month left, only a few posts ahead, and the semester will be over. I had a lot of people asking me if I would like to keep up with the blog after JMC220 is safely stored in my records. To be honest, I am not sure. I am going home for the break and none of my friends there is dating an international. However, let’s not be pessimistic about it yet, dear reader, and let’s welcome my today’s guests.


Elena and Billy (from personal archive)


Today I interviewed Elena Ivanova, a senior from Bulgaria, about her relationship with William (Billy) Darling from the United States. They met in summer 2012 when she was on a work and travel program in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Elena came to the States with a job contract and after a month started looking for a second job:

“It was really hard. I was applying everywhere and couldn’t find a job. And finally, I went to one small pizza store, and there was this nice young manager who hired me.” Continue reading

Love in Times of Political Instability

Welcome back, dear reader. Today we are going to discuss a bit more serious stuff.

My guests are from neighboring countries with very similar cultures. They eat similar food, speak the same language and both study at the AUBG, not having any #longdistancerelationship problems. My today’s guests are Anna Yakovleva (Russia) and Valentine Nykoliuk (Ukraine) and they were challenged by politics.

In Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria (from personal archive)

In Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria (from personal archive)

Anna and Valentine first met in fall 2011 when she was an ELI student and he was a freshmen at AUBG, at a choir rehearsal. It wasn’t the beginning of their relationship though. The first time that “something sparked,” as Valentine puts it, was during the Soviet party: at a club, a little bit drunk, dancing a while and then going back to Skapto… Continue reading

My First Storifies and Thinglinks

Today in class we learned how to visualize stories using Storify, one more fancy creation of some genius mind. It helps you make a compilation of Twitter feed, Facebook, and many more social media, to create a story.

Storify is useful to collect all possible information from all the social media, including pictures, videos, texts and tags.

Here is the first Storify that I made today:


It doesn’t really work with linking the story directly from the blog so this is just the screenshot of the beginning of the story. To see the whole Storify, click here. Continue reading

Google Translate Used to Be Our Best Friend

My fall break is over (oh, fall break, please come back!), and I am ready with a new international love story for you, dear reader.

My today’s guests are Andrea Nejezchlebova (Czech Republic) and Alvaro Soler Torres (Spain). Some of you who follow the blog probably had a thought: “Finally, no Russians.” Yes, finally.

I have never met Alvaro in person but I’ve heard a lot about him from Andrea, who was my roommate during my first summer in the States. They’ve been together one year and nine months, and they have a lot of funny stories to tell about their relationship.

Valentine's Day in Copenhagen

Valentine’s Day in Copenhagen (from personal archive)

Alvaro met Andrea at a club in her hometown, Brno (Czech Republic) when he was there on Erasmus program:

“He screamed at me: “Guapa” [“pretty girl” in Spanish]. Continue reading

Back to Earth. A Midterm Post

These eight weeks of blogging were full of surprises and emotions; but these weeks cannot even stay next to the last weekend that I spent totally in space.

My name is Anna, and this is my midterm post for the blog about international dating.

This post is not going to be a usual interview with an international couple. Instead, I will briefly explain what I’ve done so far in this blog and what I’ve learnt.

I’ve met a lot of people on my way and I’ve rediscovered a lot about myself. As most of you probably figured it out, I am also a “victim” of a cross-cultural relationship. I’ve been through a couple of them before, and none worked out, be it a distance problem or different views on the world. I know that people are different, but what if there is a certain pattern? Is there a recipe to make it work? Continue reading

Celebrity Cross-Cultural Dating

End of September,  George Clooney got married (YES HE DID, SORRY GIRLS) to an absolutely gorgeous British-Lebanese human rights lawyer Alma Alamuddin.This is not an extremely recent piece of news but I’m presenting it to you like the most recent one in cross-cultural dating and bravely call it “a wedding of the year.”

Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney. Source: www.mamamia.com.au

Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney. Source: http://www.mamamia.com.au

You can read the original story here.

Today we have a midterm. In this post, we are supposed to make a news package about the news story, but somehow make it local. I’ll be honest with you (as always), I had no clue how to localize the celebrity dating story. So I just came up to two people who had totally different opinions about the story and I asked them what they think. Continue reading

We Can Share Something Interesting, Like… Peppers

It’s been a week since my last post and, trust me, I already forgot how to write. Will try not to disappoint you though.

So, a friend of mine came up to me and said: “If you are looking for an international couple to write about, I know one, there is my roommate…”

I was like… waaaaaaaaait a second. First I have to run out of my own roommates to write about. 😉

Not that it’s been so many of them, but apparently they all are/were dating someone international. Continue reading

Not a Couple Today

I did not have much time for the new post.. Busy weeks coming up. So, let’s try something different today.

Remember Maria Altergot from one of my previous posts?

No, don’t worry, everything is fine.

Today I talked to her roommate, Saida Karimova.


Saida Karimova

And no again, they don’t have an international dating room. Saida was helping me out with the video for this week, and I decided to ask her what she thinks about the cross-cultural relationships, since she is a witness of one every day. Continue reading

Here’s How Much We Love Video

Today at MMJ class we learned how to create five-shot tiny videos. You can learn more about the technique that we used here. This video is not in any way related to my blog, it was made to gain skills to shoot little videos in the future.

It was fun because we shot it all blurry the first time, but thanks to our main character, Ayna, for being so patient and staying in the same place at the time we got back to ask her to do it all over again. Continue reading

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